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A Very Feary Xmas was a success!

If you attended AVFXmas then you know what I’m talking about. 

Thanks so much to all who came and all who performed, such an event could not have been as great without all of you. 

BIg thanks to the bands and sponsors, everyone got an amazing gift at the end of the night! 

Band Practice for the show is going really well right now and I’m pretty excited but are you excited?

If you arent going to this show there better be a legit reason why because i know otherwise you would be there ;)

We have some pretty amazing guests that will be there

Including a lovely candy princess and her prince.


Tickets for A Very Feary Xmas are on sale now.

They are only 10 dollars

Send us a message if you’re interested in getting that ticket early, THERE MAY BE A GIFT FOR YOU.

December 22 @ The Rev Room

Is a Very Feary Xmas! It’s gonna be great and that’s why you need to be there. 10 dollars, ages, doors open at 8.
Seven Eves
Thin Margins
UNO Di’or
Flameing Daeth Fearies
With special guests and a big fight at the end…. With candy canes!
Who would wanna miss that?
I know you wouldn’t, so don’t.

The date is set!

Come out and see us at the Rev Room December 22 for A Very Feary X-mas. Set includes Thin Margins, Seven Eves, and UNO, remember her? Yeah that’s right, Brohoof UNO.

Can I Get a Brohoof? - Video by Pooka Starr - YouTube →

Giving a shout out to akwardly-gorgeous for telling us her favorite FDF song. Tell us your favorite FDF song for a shout out.

What’s your favorite FDF song?


Welp, I just got back from Rocky Horror Picture Show. Totally rad.

Red Hot Vulcan Love :)



October 24th, come out and see us at the Jackpot in Kansas!!



happy birthday. we couldn’t afford to put a stripper in your cake like you wanted so instead we just put your cake in a stripper. she ate the whole thing in like 2 minutes. you should have been there. it was amazing.

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